Internet Systems Group (ISG) has been designing and building distributed systems on the Internet since 2002.  Our deep technical and business expertise enables us to combine people, process and technology into a solution tailored for your unique business situation. 


Data initiatives are typically interdepartmental, interdisciplinary efforts.  ROI is gated on the ability to execute effectively.  Our goal in planning is to maximize your return on investment by focusing on the right activities in the right way and with the right resources.


ISG works with your executive team to understand and refine how data initiatives fit into the organization's overall business strategy.  Data initiatives are crucial to executing the strategic plan for existing lines of business.  Furthermore, the ability to draw insights from all of the data available to the enterprise provides the source of new areas for growth, strengthened barriers to entry and increased valuation.


ISG works at the detail level to aggressively refine your MVP (minimum viable product) and iterations to deliver value as early and often as possible.  Our experience flows to your bottom line because we are better able to anticipate and prepare for problems and changes and reduce rework.

Domain Modeling

Today's enterprise is a melting pot of tradecraft and intersecting business domains. The diversity of people and ideas creates strength and opportunity, but adds to complexity and timelines.  ISG helps you tackle this challenge through the development of ubiquitous language that helps keep stakeholders and service providers on the same page and reduce costs.


ISG can develop or augment your architecture to address the many sources and consumers of data and the technical stack and processing platform necessary to meet performance, security and reliability requirements. Our full-stack expertise in distributed system development allows us to navigate through the challenge of integrating the many disparate and legacy systems and data sources.


ISG follows an agile life cycle methodology that is tuned for data initiatives.  We can integrate this with your existing internal agile staff and infrastructure or provide our own.

Tiger Teams

ISG can provide or compose a Tiger Team to hit the ground running to produce rapid, visible results to specific problems.  This is often used to resolve crises or build trust in areas working to overcome past crises in confidence.  A Tiger Team (a.k.a. Integrated Product Team) is an interdisciplinary, functionally complete team that is organized around and dedicated to achieving a specific outcome.


ISG is capable of full stack software development on a broad range of technical platforms.  We work independently or as part of an in-house team to implement your data initiative.  Three main areas of focus are data pipelines, data warehousing and data analytics.

Data PipeLINES

Data pipelines integrate with your existing third-party and internal systems to extract, transform and load data into long term storage.  Data pipelines typically handle a combination of batch and real-time data feeds. Our goal is to collect data as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


We house data in traditional relational databases and larger-scale NoSQL data stores and data lakes. Regardless of the location, data needs to be indexed and organized, and metadata defined to support the understanding, flexibility and performance required by the wide range of business customers.


Data analytics encompasses the tech stack used to analyze data at scale, the techniques used to analyze the data, and the workflow required to migrate the underlying algorithms for use by data scientists, developers, and consumers of the production data.

Operations Support

ISG provides support for the DevOps, DBA and Operations functions to maintain, support and assure the underlying SLAs of the data tier.